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Heat controller TS56+

It is intended for management of:
- Warming water into water heaters from solar collectors, boilers and electric heaters.
- Maintaining the desired temperature into water heaters, aquariums and swimming pools.
- Management of water heating housing, electric heating housing and under floor heating housing.
- Circulation management hot water in the building.
- Switching of devices from weekly timers (such as watering lawns, lighting, etc.).

Allows quick and easy programming for the transition from management of small functional circuits to complex installations, allowing for gradual establishment.
The controller has five input-output channels. This allows for control of 5 independent physical objects.
Channels can be used as input to each, from the six temperature sensors.
Each channel can use the following devices:
- From one to eight, weekly timer.
- Thermostat will turn on when reaching the upper temperature level.
- Thermostat will turn on when reaching the lower temperature level.
- Differential thermostat.
- Logical AND or OR function for turn on the output of the channel, depending on the status of the devices used.
The devices, is considered used if set sensors.

- Several channels can be combine with logical functions AND, OR.
- Six inputs for temperature sensors. Each sensor can be used into each channel and device.

Way to management of the thermal object is specified by the user in the program.
 The program is set in the table on the keyboard. The time to programming is few minutes.

The set includes six sensors TS-335. 

Technical description of heat controller TS56+
Instructions for operating of the heat controller with the software TS-plus2
Test your program with the simulator - 


The product delivery is paid by the buyer.
We suggest two shipping companies for product delivery:
1. Bulgarian mail - http://www.bgpost.bg/?cid=47
2. DHL http://www.dhl.bg/en.html 

For shipping costs (for verification) are important details below:
- from 6100 Kazanlak Bulgaria
- to ..........................
- Dimensions length / width / height 230x140x100 mm. 
- Total weight 1 kg.

Examples to control functional shemes:
+ 2_a1-eng.pdf










click to view



























Installation example in switchboard:


Long tubes with poor insulation initially will cooling the water heater.

The solution is to:
- Do not allow cold water to pass through the coil.
- Put a good thermal insulation of the pipes.



The lack of non-return valve (allowing water movement in one direction only) will cooling tank through the collector, at night and in cloudy weather.


Major drawbacks of the water heaters (deliberately maintained in order to increase in power consumption):

1. Water has a very poor thermal conductivity. It is of layers of different temperature. Place only one thermometer at the top. This forces people to behave included the electric heater to make sure that they will have hot water in the required quantity. 

2. The thickness of the insulation in the water heaters is small and large heat losses.
Storage of heat from a solar collector in the tank have is only in daylight hours. Heat losses from the boiler due to insufficient insulation is 24 hours a day. Depending on the thickness of the insulation, the water temperature in the boiler and the air temperature around the boiler, the losses are:
80 liter tank for 1 year, 16mm insulation - losses in KWh
80 liter tank for 1 year, 32mm insulation - losses in KWh
80 liter tank for 1 year, 43mm insulation - losses in KWh
150 liter tank for 1 year, 16mm insulation - losses in KWh
150 liter tank for 1 year, 32mm insulation - losses in KWh
150 liter tank for 1 year, 43mm insulation - losses in KWh
150 liter tank for 1 year, from 16 to 216mm insulation - losses in KWh
Place on the sides and top of the tank, extra insulation from 100 mm to be acceptable heat loss. It is best to use rock wool.

3. The water heaters with coil, warming the hot water with priority. To absorb low-temperature heat (up to 30?C) must are warming with priority the cold water in the tank.
Calculation:  1. Time needed to heat the water in the water heater. 2. The required amount of electricity. 3. The required amount in euro.
To warm the 150 liters water from 13?C to 30?C requires electrical power from 3 KWh.
To warm the 150 liters water from from 43?C to 60?C, requires same electrical power  from 3KWh.

Below see two models water heaters with priority warming of cold water:

Energy efficiency of storage water heaters and solar collectors

Advice: Order a stainless steel water heater with a height of 2.2 to 2.5 meters. The normal coil (copper tube) located in the bottom 1/4 of the height of the boiler.


Author eng. Decho Georgiev

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