Controller with BLUETOOTH TS56+BT

Controller with BLUETOOTH  TS56+BT
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The controller TS56+BT has the same functionality as controller TS56+, but has the possibility via BLUETOOTH, within 300 meters (using a phone or tablet):
1. Observe the operation of the controller and its programming.
2. Programming the controller.

Package includes: Controller TS56+BT, Android application (Java software) TS56+bt and Bluetooth RN-240.and 6 sensors. 
TS56+BT can function without phone (tablet), but not use the timers, information to the counters and calibration the sensors.


Bluetooth RN-240 provides remote access to the controller to a distance 100 meters (in the absence of barriers).
You can put Bluetooth RN-240, far from of the controller, using the RS-232 standard computer cable.

Brief information about the RN-240 can be found in the manufacturer's documentation Bluetooth-RN-240-DS 
Details (No need to read them) for RN-240 can be found in the manufacturer's documentation rn-bt-srl-um-1.0r.pdf 


All functions see in the documentation of the controller –ĘS56+.
Differences can be found in the file TS_plus2_with_bluetooth .


The initial setting of BLUETOOTH phone (tablet) will see the file InitialSetupBLUETOOTH.pdf .


Working with the phone (tablet) will see the file AndroidSoftware_TS56+bt.pdf




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