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The controller has five input-output channels. This allows for control of 5 independent physical objects.
Channels can be used as input to each, from the six temperature sensors.
Each channel can use the following devices:
- From one to eight, weekly timer.
- Thermostat will turn on when reaching the upper temperature level.
- Thermostat will turn on when reaching the lower temperature level.
- Differential thermostat.
- Logical AND or OR function for turn on the output of the channel, depending on the status of the devices used.
The devices, is considered used if set sensors.
Below see the full scheme for access to the controller:
Main options for connection to the controller is:

The controller TS56+WiFi has the same functionality as controller TS56+, but has the possibility via WiFi, long distance (using a phone or tablet):
1. Observe the operation of the controller and its programming.
2. Programming the controller.

Package includes: Controller TS56+BT, Android application (Java software) TS56+WiFi, WiFi RS-232 adapter model BT-232B-E
, USB adapter (input ~ 100V to ~ 240V AC, output 5.3V DC)

 and 6 sensors. 

TS56+WiFi can function without phone (tablet), but not use the timers, information to the counters and calibration the sensors.
All functions see in the documentation of the controller ТS56+.

You can outsource the WiFi RS-232 adapter far from the controller (to avoid obstructions) using the standard RS-232 computer cable:

Details of WiFi RS-232 adapter model BT-232B-E can be found in http://opencart.tehsoft.com/WiFi_RS-232_adapter_user_manual_V13.2.pdf or http://gozens.com/products/view/9.html .
All functions see in the documentation of the controller TS56+.
Differences can be found in the file TS_plus2_with_WiFi .
The initial setting of the WiFi phone (tablet) and WiFi-RS232 adapter will see docx file.
Working with the phone (tablet) is the same as TS56+BT виж AndroidSoftware_TS56+bt.pdf



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